Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Plans for this winter.

I have been vaguely busy for a bit. This year in a fit of something close to enthusiasm, I actually signed up for two races. I signed up for the same race I did last year (the White Mountains 100) because it was so awesome I couldn't imagine not trying it again. Additionally I opted to try the Arrowhead 135 since 35 miles doesn't seem like that much more and I hope to race against a bunch of people who are unfamiliar with riding in extreme conditions (the race is in northern Minnesota). I have a feeling that those wishful thoughts will eventually be revealed for the ludicrous musings that they are, probably somewhere around mile 25 as I start to die and people begin to pass me in earnest. I also considered signing up for the Sheep Mountain 150, but it is a horrible drive away (actually farther than driving to Anchorage) and they are also requiring that reflective vests be worn during the race. I find reflective vests so repugnant that explaining my stance on them requires me to curse.

At any rate, in light of the fact that I accomplished last year's goal of not dying, I am forced to set a slightly higher goal for myself this year. Towards that end I have decided to hire a coach. I'd say that it hasn't changed me any, but the fact that I am now wearing a heart rate monitor, worrying about my cadence and actually looking at some sort of data post ride means that it has. The fact that I am accountable for my training may actually help, and looking at the numbers while riding actually seems to help keep my intensity high enough that I feel like I am actually accomplishing something. It will be interesting to see what happens when it gets cold enough that the electronics freeze and I don't have that feedback anymore. It got dark enough tonight that I was only able to look at the cyclometer under street lights. I'll probably end up with it tucked away in a pocket at some point and have no idea what I am doing, but at least be able to tell afterwards what happened.