Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The first Ester Dome Winter Downhill

The ride that started it all happened three years ago. It wasn't organized; there were just two of us that decided to see what our favorite trail looked like in the winter. Strangely enough there was actually a wedding going on when we arrived. We scoffed at the rows of Subarus lining the road up to the trail head. We made hippie jokes and cracked comments at expense of folks that had gathered and hiked the half mile to the next hill top where the ceremony was taking place. Then as our shuttle was backing down the road, it slid off and got stuck in the snow on the side. We tried in vain for twenty minutes to push or pull the truck out. All was looking lost when the ceremony ended and we were suddenly surrounded by twenty or so wedding goers.

Needless to say, I have never been so happy to see a small army of hippies. We had the truck unstuck in under two minutes. Although they say that people in numbers can move mountains, I do have firsthand knowledge that they can move an F-150 in short time.


Krystal said...

BTW, I love your header picture! Is this a photo of you or a photo you have taken?

Hippies are great people, come to think of it I'm a hippie!

And yes people in numbers can move mountains, trucks, garbage lol

Bumhead said...

Thanks for not mentioning my terrible maneuvering skills:)