Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pucker Factor

I finally decided to take my studs off and replace them with a set of ridiculous 28c road tires. I love them because not only does it look silly in my 29er frame, but they roll fast as well. My commute is like 99.9% clear of snow and ice, so it seemed like it was time. That first low rolling resistance ride of the year is refreshing. You seem to float with no effort of your own. It feels like your bike has woken up after a long sleep and is finally deciding to help you out. I was reveling in all this when I suddenly noticed a large section of shiny ice covering the bike path. It took up the whole width of the path and was about three feet deep. I had just enough time to get my feet flat and bring the bike up as straight as possible. Or, in reality, I completely puckered up. I rolled smoothly over the ice without flinching and breathed a deep sigh of relief. I still can't really remember anything else about the rest of the commute.

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