Friday, March 12, 2010

Holy Race Sexy Batman!

My bags arrived today from Epic Designs (thanks Eric!). Beyond being just sexy, they add a lot of room to the rig with very little weight. I thought the box was empty when I picked it up off my porch. Seriously. The technical attention to detail is beautiful as well. With as light as they are you'd think there wasn't anything inside. The frame bag has a lot of thought put into it with a drop away compartment separator and mesh pockets to keep gear organized. The seat bag though is a real work of art. It has a tons of room, is still light, and has been epically designed so that the straps are doing double duty as both compression and support. It's one of those awesome things that makes you wish you had thought of it.
Disclosure: I don't have a special relationship with Epic Designs. All products have been purchased from them through normal channels.


WarmCycle said...

Hi Winter Cyclist. I notice you have a bar accessory. Is it down filled?
My hands were the last part of my body that I could not keep warm. I have been using a BarBra for the past 2 years to cut the wind and keep off the wet snow.
Finally I can ride in comfort year round. -
The frame bag looks great.
Cycle on!

Banger said...

The insulation on the Dogwood Designs poagies I use is Polarguard HD. The barbra looks like it would be ok for commuting in moderate temperatures, but it doesn't look like it would hold enough heat to be used in colder temperatures here. If it works for you, rock it.

Anonymous said...

Be safe Master Banger - may the force be with you -
Old Man

Anonymous said...

As I write this your are probably on the last few miles of the White Mountain 100. Just wanted you to know more than a few in the lower 48 are following the results. You Rock!