Saturday, May 15, 2010

Thoughts on Vacation

Vacation is different things to different people. To some it is a drunken jumble of clubs, others prefer their time on the beach. Some people like to "rough it" and spend a few days without electricity (or at least with only enough to run a flashlight, a cellphone and one other small entertainment device). The avid cyclist of course has a different idea of vacation. Mine looks something like this:All that being the same I took a trip last week to see my brother off into the bonds of matrimony. It was a nice ceremony and I got to see all of my family and some folks that were around back when I was growing up as well. We took a trip afterwards to Tahoe to hang out for a few days. I didn't notice I was missing my bike so much until we stopped in Auburn to eat and I noticed that someone was towing some nicely blinged Specializeds around. Then suddenly I remembered that Auburn was known locally for its trails and I was sadly without bike. I guess the next trip I'll take I remember that whatever effort it takes to get a bike there is worth not suffering that several hour mope of "I should have brought a bike".


Anonymous said...

Sorry, posted question to wrong one.
So where is this trail? Nice picture !

Banger said...

For my own sanity I have deleted the previously mentioned comment.

The "trail" in question may or may not exist. The picture was obtained by a Google image search for "singletrack". I'd do the research, but I'd probably find out it's in Canada, and I just can't take that kind of news this early in the morning.