Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Inattention and Annoyance

Barring group rides, I usually ride listening to music.  I know many people don't support the practice, but it makes me happy.  I generally am pretty good about scanning and am visually aware of what's going on around me.  The couple of times I have been passed and startled by someone streaking by at a full sprint, I haven't minded too much.  All that being said it always amazes me when some yells at me angrily after I have passed them and scared the crap out of them.  You are the one walking along impaired/inattentive/musiced/etc.  After I have yelled to you (usually twice) that I am behind you and you don't notice, it's all on you.  If you can't handle the outside world by paying attention to it, stay home.

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Anonymous said...


Get one of those Air Zounds!

I'm surprised you don't already have one!

Those things are awesome!