Sunday, March 31, 2013

Race Resurrection

New this year on the docket is the Tanana River Challenge.  A resurrected ultra ski race from Nenana to Fairbanks, it could theoretically be 100km (some year).  Realistically it will probably be closer to 75km most years since the ice on the lower Chena River isn't what it used to be (just talk to any old sourdough).  Endurance North put on yet another great race.  This one is a bit more special to me because it is shorter.  While 100 miler (and plus) winter races have their place, shorter day races like these are the way to grow a community.  I believe that the comment from one of the race directors was that it has the potentially to be "really nice, or a windy mess".  This year's event happened during what I personally consider perfect cycling weather.  Morning temperatures hovered near 0°F and peaked out at 15 to 20°F by the end for most of the racers.  All in all a beautiful day and a great ride.

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