Saturday, February 28, 2009

Much Better

Today was the normal Friday shop ride. Except, of course, for one fact, Jeff had a new Pugsley. Let me rephrase, he has a really nice new Pugsley. I could go into why it's so awesome, but I need to get a few pictures, so I'll save that for another day. The strange part about it was we had five people and two of them were on Pugs. That is a lot of Surly in one place for Fairbanks. In fact, I'd guess it has probably only happened once before (only because I won't claim it's never happened). That being the case, it meant that the rest of us were riding "little tire bikes". Seriously. Something is wrong when I am looking at my 2.55 inch wide 29'er tire on a SnowCat and it's being called little. But I'll get over it.

It was a great day for a ride. It hasn't snowed too much recently, it was hovering around 5 °F, and although lots of people have been out on the trails (think nicely packed) no one had saw fit to groom them for the skiers. Also we were almost injured by a crazy woman being dragged by two dogs who was snowplowing her skis across the whole trail instead of actually being injured by her. So, I was able to get some much better footage. And here it is, all hacked together and set to music in honor of Jeff's big day.


On a side note I have a web programmer friend who insists that all videos on the Internet are two long. That basically they could all be half as long or less and just include the good parts. I guess it depends on what you are looking for. This same friend would probably enjoy the crash track of any of the NWD movies. On the other hand I have watched NWD 7 and 8 so many times that I have them completely memorized, the same goes for Seasons. I still love them. So, if you don't enjoy this video, just click here.


BROHEM said...

Thats my bro!

Anonymous said...

Let me say I enjoyed the video, but the soundtrack needs work. Perhaps the track was from your aforementioned NWD. Maybe Danny Elfman or perhaps Neil Young from the Dead Man soundtrack would be better. Not sure. To me the ride looked a bit pedestrian. But what the hell do I know, I ride on pavement and I'm currently listening to Elmer Fudd sing "Kill the Wabbit" from the Looney Tunes Greatest hits. As for your web programmer friend, what he says goes against industry analysts who claim the internet is the perfect delivery vehicle for movies and television. I think they are both whacked. Eveyone knows the dudes at MIT invented the internet for Free Porn! Now that I think of it, maybe 3 - 5 minutes of video is all we really need.

n8v said...

Dude, the crash one was QUALITY. Yours is too long, but much better than the first one. But at least it's not like one of the super lame youtube ones that are all like "FUNNY BIKE CRASH" and consist of 137 minutes of lame NOT bike crashing followed by a crash.

So is that the loop at Creamer's Field my kids like to hike on in the sumemr, with all the boardwalks and stuff?

n8v said...

Most blog posts are too long too! C'mon people, don't you realize we have the attention span of gnats and we're only looking at your dreck because we're waiting for our 54 other browser tabs to load?

Banger said...

I think this is why Google is so popular, for people with the attention span of a gnat. Why bother actually navigating to a page to get information when you can just scan through the first three sentences of whatever you are looking for? Maybe you should consider never leaving google. You should probably also stop reading books for the same reason. Movies will be too long for you as well. I think there are sites out there dedicated totally to movie previews. You'd probably love them.

Anonymous said...

OK now Bangster, don't go dissing the Google, I got 205,000 hits in .25 seconds searching on "How to Kill Gnats" Google is the Oracle!