Monday, March 2, 2009

2nd Annual E.D. W.D.

Pronounced "Ed Wood", this year will be the second annual Ester Dome Winter Downhill gathering to slay a summer trail favorite on bikes for the first time of the year. Bring your weapon of choice to the top of Ester Dome on 14 March 09 at Noon. Take Ester Dome Road all the way to the top and take a left at the Y. Rigid rides through DH sleds welcome. I do recommend leaving your suspension at home if it's nice, it is probable that you'll blow your seals. Think of this as a gravity assisted way to rail your winterbike/commuter the way you've wanted to all winter while trudging along your daily commute.
We had a measly three riders for this last year, but it was completely awesome. Temperatures around 5°F and a wonderful packed trail with lots of fluff on the sides just waiting to be crashed into. I recommend windproof clothing and a full face helmet as it is easy to maintain a lot of speed with the right conditions.

If you have any questions, contact Jeff at Beaver Sports or leave them here as a comment and I'll answer them.

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