Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Riding Styles

I think being proficient in several styles of riding is important. From a non-professional's prospective I think it keeps riding fresh year after year. While dedication to a single discipline would probably produce better results; that isn't a concern I have right now. Several riders have operated under such a philosophy (Brian Lopes and Cedric Gracia come to mind), and Kirt Voreis has openly advocated for it. Even specialists at the top of the game (Lance and Floyd) have been known to ride differently during the off season.

The point of all this being that if you really like cycling, but it started to get old after a bit, or it is getting old right now, I humbly suggest you buy a new bike, or, at the very least, try a new style of riding. Make sure it's a totally different bike than what you are riding right now. If your forte is spraying dirt around tight singletrack corners, grab some skinny 700s and give your local asphalt a beatdown. If you are churning out the commuter miles, grab some wide knobbies and hit the trails. If you are an endurance racer, get an urban bike, drop the seat down to the top tube and learn to manual like no other. Or, for one of my friends, if you are tearing up the park everyday and you are burnt, get outside and ride.

Any new style of riding might be just enough to make your specialty fun again. Or, you may even pick up a new favorite. If nothing else you may stop looking at guys in spandex funny (or vice versa at guys in baggies) and realize what it is that makes us all love riding so much.

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