Thursday, April 2, 2009

Time for a change, or not.

I stayed up a little bit late last night swapping over to my studded super shredder tires. I like the fact that they are skinny and look ridiculous in a frame designed for 2.5 inch wide rubber on a SnowCat (which is why I sometimes ride 28c road tires as well). I thought it was time since it had been getting up above freezing during the day and back down to around 10°F at night. With that kind of range, commuting has been a little dicey at times. I woke up this morning all stoked to ride fast and confident. Sadly it was -15°F when I woke up this morning. My summer wheels had unwinterized DT Swiss hubs, and though they are super light and roll very nicely, they stop rolling nicely at about 0°F. So I was faced with the choice of swapping my cassette and wheels again and being late to work, or just driving. Some days you just can't win.


akdauel said...

hate it when that happens

Anonymous said...

Yo Banger, where you at? Sink your bike in a crevasse, get lost in a snow drift, get carried away by sled dogs? Or are you in some spring break frame of mind drinking tequila shots in a mexican bar? Just wondering..I kind of miss your misguided rants