Sunday, June 7, 2009

I admit it; I was wrong.

I have not ever been on the Boreal Forest trail in the summer. Whilest we appropriated it this winter for trail use, it is touted as a nature foot path in the summer, which just doesn't do anything for me. I assumed that it would be a horrible bog anyways, and posted as such during the winter. *Please see title here*

The boardwalk construction is superb. Whoever planned it out made sure that there wouldn't be any boggy parts to walk through. You are surrounded by a mosquito infested swamp the entire time, for sure, but at no point will there be occasion to mucker your footwear (or tires in this case). While the the trail is only twelve inches wide or so in the winter, mother nature provides a three foot layer of snow as a buffer for those with limited handling skills. In the summer the drops are the same three to five feet, but of course there are wild roses, logs and bogs instead, making the idea of crashing entirely unpleasant. The boardwalk is a beautiful three feet wide at the narrowest, making the whole loop a fast, safe, flowy bit of riding. Carrying speed through the ride is important, because the difference between five miles per hour and ten is the option of mosquitoes landing on you or harmlessly bouncing off. Whenever possible I prefer to use my chest as a windshield.

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