Friday, June 19, 2009


I haven't been everyplace in the state, but I'll unofficially declare Marquette as the cycling capital of Michigan. Despite having a population roughly half the size of Fairbanks, Marquette supports twice as many bike shops. Signage for local races hangs prominently everywhere. In addition to the standard cross country races Marquette has a downhill series and even a cyclocross series. I was impressed to say the least. Being that we were only in town for a day, I didn't get a chance to ride any of their substantial trails. Or, what I really drooled over, use the lift service they have at their local mountain. I stopped in at the one of the LBS (Quick Stop Bike Shop) to satisfy my deep seated need to be near bicycles. I picked them simply because they were a Kona dealer, and I wasn't disappointed. They had very few of the entry level bikes I am used to seeing in shops and instead sported an aggressive lineup of trail bikes. I even caught a glimpse of a freshly built Stab that one of the shop guys was getting ready for the summer shuttle season.

I spent the rest of the day moping and thinking about what I would need to do to move to Marquette. Then I got to thinking seriously and wondering: What is it creating such a kick ass scene here? There are probably a lot of complex factors here, but I think I need to start figuring out what they are.

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