Thursday, December 24, 2009

Riding with The Man

Today's shop ride was almost entirely Endomorph bikes. Uncle Rhino was the exception, and since he is a strange mutant who never complains and just churns along, it wasn't noticeable. However, the ride did include the current super star of winter riding, Jeff Oatley. While normally this would have included an ass kicking for all of us, Oatley took it easy on us. By easy I mean that he had already been out for a four hour ride, just eaten a turkey sandwich and was riding without a brake. All that effectively handicapped him down to our level and made the ride quite comfortable, if not entertaining.

I apparently need to learn the trail system better. I was actually out front at one point and then immediately moved to the back when I missed a turn. Luckily Christapoleon was close enough that I heard him yelling "LEFT!!!" over the blare of my iPood. I spent the last half of the ride sucking Uncle Rhino's wheel. Oatley missed one of the last turns and when I stopped to chat with him I stole his bike (I did leave him mine). I got to ride the out trail on a real race bike, which only almost killed me once (No Brakes!). Back at the shop I mooned him. It was completely appropriate at the time since we were having a discussion on the relative merits of bibs. Oatley doesn't believe in them since they make relieving yourself on the trail difficult. I explained that I can get out of them to drop trau easily, and of course had to demonstrate. I am not sure it convinced him enough that he'll be switching to bibs, but hey, I had to.

Have a good holiday weekend and stay safe.


Coffee Joe said...

It was kind of funny, I have to admit.

said said...

arm warmers... who knew???