Friday, February 4, 2011

The Arrowhead is done.

The Arrowhead is finished, and hopefully the experience will stir me into posting a bit more, but for right now I have a few things to throw out. First and foremost the Arrowhead is an awesome race on a great course manned by dedicated volunteers whose primary concern was keeping racers safe. The course itself isn't incredibly hard but the temperatures can make it so. Most places in the country don't get the kind of cold that Northern Minnesota does and learn how to cope with subzero temperatures is a hard won skill that takes a bit of time and careful gear selection. I recorded an honest -28°F on my thermometer and I heard reports that some towns along the trail recorded -35°F. I believe initial predictions in the days leading up to the race were for -10°F or so and I think many folks just weren't ready for the cold. Those of us from colder climes have the advantage in that we had already been living and training in that weather for a few months.

Beyond gear selection I am pleased to report that my proto-LR frame finished the race in one piece and kept me quite happy throughout. I'd like to say a big thanks to Dave for organizing a great experience and all the race volunteers for pulling it off in spectacular fashion. I'd also like to thank Trav for pulling me through the second half of the race in similar fashion to the way Bob Ostrom pulled me through the first half.

Speaking of Bob (a great guy I met while riding the Frosty Bottom in Anchorage), you should check out his latest invention if you have problems with your water freezing in colder temperatures. Bob and a friend designed, tested and are producing an on demand heated water pack to be used for winter athletics. You can get a hold of him through his website at


Anonymous said...

How long is that race in -35?

Banger said...

136.5 miles, but who is counting?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations for finishing and Great Job !!!! Can hardly wait till next year. :)