Monday, October 10, 2011

It's kinda dead in here.

So it's been a long uneventful summer. I remember summers here being shorter, but lately, when all I can think about is riding some fine wintertrak, it seems to go on forever. I commuted some this summer, but as the mornings get colde
r I found that the two bikes I have been using aren't suited to the task. One is full suspension and it's getting too cold for that. The other is a road bike, and quite frankly 30 degrees at 25 mph is not ideal either. I haven't gotten my replacement fr
ame for the one that cracked last year, but someone hooked me up with an aluminum replacement and I not have a working laendo again.
Since that just got together yesterday, it got ridden to work today, and of course as a welcome back gift, I got hit by a car. Guy was stopped at a sign, failed to yield right of way (didn't see me) and gassed it once I was directly in front of him. I came out of it with a bruised elbow and no damage to the bike (hoorah!). He came out of it shaking, apologetic and likely much more aware for the rest of the winter. So I guess it's a win for everyone.
In unrelated news, I will probably be not posting here as much as trying to put smaller blurbs on my new google+ stream. If you don't have an account yet, you should check it out, especially if you already have a gmail account.

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